Reward your customer for consumption

Build customer loyalty by consumption and turn the values ​​into points that you transform into your company's rewards

Setup only takes a minute. No credit card required and cancel at anytime.

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Discover even more possibilities.

Send Notifications

Send notification of promotions and enticing your customers

Reply messages

Your customers will be able to send you messages

Marketing Tools

Promote your rewards with our marketing tools


Do it all in your web administration interface

Provide even better customer service.

  • Your customer consumes

    Each quantity consumed is confirmed by its establishment

  • He accumulates points

    All consumed values are converted to points

  • Points = Awards

    Your customer will exchange their points for the prizes offered by you


How it works

Build customer loyalty through consumption in your store. The more he consumes the more points he accumulates



Watch the videos below and see how it works in more detail

Create your promotions

Build customer loyalty by consumption

Each amount spent is worth 1 point (1 = 1) and what are the prizes won with the points accumulated by your customer

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Your customer downloads the marketplace app

consume to accumulate points

Your customer will continue to consume until they reach the points necessary to get your store's prizes


Unique QR Code for your company

You have a unique QR Code from your company to apply points. And the best, update whenever you want!

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Pricing plans

Afforadble Pricing

Get up to 100 customers for free! Pay only from customer number 101.


$ 0,00 € 0,00 R$ 0,00 MONTH
No credit card required
  • Web administration interface
  • Push notifications
  • Reply messages
  • IOS and Android Marketplace App

Over 500
registered customers

$ 0,02 € 0,02 R$ 0,12 MONTH
For each registered customer added to yout monthly fee of $ 12,00 € 10,00 R$ 59,90
  • Web administration interface
  • Push notifications
  • Reply messages
  • IOS and Android Marketplace App
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